Kyle Allen
Associate Professor, Associate Chair for UG Studies & J. Crayton Pruitt Family Term Fellow
(352) 273-9337
Novel strategies to diagnose and treat degenerative joint diseases
(352) 392-0228
Bioinstrumentation, biodesign and BME senior design laboratories
Wesley Bolch
(352) 273-0303
Dosimetry, computational medical physics and dose assessment
Mingzhou Ding
Distinguished Professor & J. Crayton Pruitt Family Professor
(352) 273-9332
Cognitive neuroscience, signal processing and neural imaging
J. Crayton Pruitt Family Professor
(352) 294-5344 or (352) 846-3373
Magnetic micro- and nanoparticle-based biomedical applications
Ruogo Fang
Assistant Professor
(352) 294-1375
Big data analytics, brain informatics, medical image analysis
Daniel Ferris
Robert W. Adenbaum Professor & Senior Associate Chair
(352) 294-1281
Biomechanics, neuromechanical control, locomotion and prosthetics
David Gilland
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator
(352) 273-0302
Molecular imaging, algorithms & instrumentation for PET/SPECT
Aysegul Gunduz
Assistant Professor & J. Crayton Pruitt Family Term Fellow
(352) 273-6877
Human brain mapping and neurological disorders
Gregory Hudalla
Assistant Professor & J. Crayton Pruitt Family Term Fellow
(352) 273-9326
Nanomaterials, implants, and immunotherapies
Benjamin Keselowsky
(352) 273-5878
Biomaterials, controlled release and immunotherapies
Peter McFetridge
Associate Professor
Tim Brahm Term Professor
(352) 273-9325
Naturally inspired biomaterials for implants and regeneration
Walter Lee Murfee
Associate Professor
(352) 294-8813
Cell dynamics, microcirculation, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis and neurogenesis
Jennifer Nichols
Assistant Professor
(352) 273-9222
Biomechanics, musculoskeletal modeling, predictive simulation, medical imaging
Brandi Ormerod
Associate Professor & Director, BME Graduate Student Diversity & Professional Development
(352) 273-8125
Engineered stem cell and immunomodulatory strategies
Kevin J. Otto
Associate Professor
(352) 294-2227
Neural engineering, device-tissue interfaces and neurostimulation
Edward Phelps
Assistant Professor
(352) 273-5876
Biomaterials, regenerative medicine, immunoengineering and diabetes
Parisa Rashidi
Assistant Professor
(352) 392-9469
Machine learning, data mining, big data and biomedical informatics
Carlos Rinaldi
Charles A. Stokes Term Professor & Interim Chair, Chemical Engineering Dept.
(352) 392-0882
Nanomedicine and magnetic nanoparticles
Sarah Rowlinson
(352) 273-9333
Cell and tissue engineering, engineering education research & online engineering education
Christine Schmidt
Professor, J. Crayton Pruitt Family Chair & Department Chair
(352) 273-9222
Biomaterials for neural tissue regeneration and neural interfacing
Blanka Sharma
Assistant Professor
(352) 273-9329
Nanomedicine, stem cells, biomaterials, tissue engineering, and targeted drug/gene delivery
Associate Professor & Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
(352) 273-9327
Biomaterials, controlled release, regenerative medicine & diabetes
Johannes (Hans) van Oostrom
Associate Professor & Director, Institute for Excellence in Engineering Education
(352) 392-1345
Human physiologic simulation
Lin Yang
Associate Professor
(352) 294-2228
Imaging informatics, biomedical image analysis, machine learning, and computer aided diagnosis